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What is the Hartbreaker?

The Hartbreaker is a really tough off road 17 ish mile running race. We say "ish" as it's hard to get accurate measurements and the exact route of the course varies depending on weather conditions. Please don't complain if you find you have run 18 or even 19 miles. Do complain if you have run 16.9.

There's also an 8 mile option, the Hartacher, which is a tough challenge in itself. But for the full Hartbreaker experience we thoroughly recommend doing the Hartbreaker

What is the purpose of the race?

To break you, to hurt you and to make you swear at us at the end. We've deliberately made it as hard as possible whilst remaining safe, if there are two ways up a hill, an easy way or a hard way, we've chosen the hard way.

Why in God's name would you do that!?

Why in God's name would we not? The harder we make it, the more you will like it. Why follow a path when there's perfectly good off piste?

Are you lot all sadists!

Quite possibly. But there's a beer tent. That's not the act of a sadist. An alcohol free beer tent- now that would be cruel (and pointless and will happen over my cold dead body)

Will this FAQ have any useful information?


Can I transfer my number to someone else?

Sure, why the hell not? Are you too scared? Is that it? Bitten off more than you can chew have you? Go on, go home crying to mummy.

This FAQ is getting quite aggressive.

Sorry. Btw that's not a question.

How do I transfer my number?

How do you think? By carrier pigeon....

Aggressive again.

Sorry, just drop us an email at least a couple of weeks before. The new runner will have to sign a disclaimer to say they won't sue us if they die.

What should I wear on my feet?

Are you an idiot?

It's my job to ask the questions. What should I wear on my feet?

Flip flops.


No. You're an idiot. Wear trail shoes of course.

Do I need to take my own water?

There's rivers to run through, drink from there.

So no water stations.

Oh alright. Yes there are water and feeding stations. At least 5 but if its hot we'll chuck a couple of extra out on the course. It wouldn't hurt to take your own water and gels etc.

I like it when you're sensible. What facilities are available on site?

I've said there's a beer tent. You want more? Ok there's food and drink after the race, toilets and bag storage. There's no showers but there is a lovely stream running through the grounds. I like a nice paddle after a monster run

You're a softie really aren't you?


Do you have a question for our passive aggressive race director? If so email him and he'll respond with warmth and affection

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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