The Route

There is a video of Blackpool Mill Steps on our facebook page - search Hartland Hartbreaker on facebook! Pictures and maps to follow soon!


The Hartland Hartbreaker is a tough 17 mile off road, multi terrain running race. It is not for the faint-harted! You will encounter sections of exposed cliff tops, muddy tracks, uneven paths, long sections off path with no discernible route, river crossings, steep, slippery difficult sections (some with ropes) and generally a real tough, long and challenging run. There are some sections of road, but we have deliberately avoided them wherever possible. Do not sign up for this event if you are not confident off road. There are very exposed sections of cliff top with no fences or barriers and the route goes very close to extremely high drops (sounds great doesn't it - click on the Entry tab above to go right on and enter immediately!)

We are starting and finishing from the fabulous Hartland Abbey and are very fortunate the Lady Stuckley and Sir Hugh have allowed us to run arouns their wonderful estate. You'll encounter the beautiful gardens of the abbey - with bluebells in full flight - and then the rugged and unrelenting South West Coast Path. After a quick trip towards Hartland Lighthouse it's in to the deepest darkest Devonshire countryside - keep your wits about you and you'll probably make it out alive.  The 8 mile route finishes at this point and the hardcore joggers jog on for another 9 ish miles of fun and games.

Back through the abbey grounds once more and up to the ruined castle overlooking the atlantic, back onto the coast path and past (through?) a waterfall before once again leaving the coast path to explore some local woods including a section affectionally dubbed "The Wall". As the route progesses you'll experience "On the Edge" a cliff top path that will make vertigo sufferers tremble!  Other notable highlights of the main route include "Bogged down" and "Bogged up" - I think you'll know what you're getting there and there is the opportunity to run through the estate's area of biodiversity before heading back to the abbey for the finish via the old main drive.

Doesn't sound that bad does it? Did I mention that there might be some hills?

On the day sports photography will be carried out by the really talented Dave Keightley of You'll be able to buy some professional sports photos of yourself slugging it around. There'll also be a video being made on the day - look out for the interviewer as you go around! He may choose the top of some of the hills to get you at your best moment!!



5th May 2013 11am