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Fancy doing the Hartbreaker or the Hartacher?                                                                    

Don't want to pay any entry fee?

Want to do something amazing?

Then raise £250.00 and get a free place in the race of your choice.

Here's how! 

  1. Register on Virgin Money Giving
  2. Select the Hartland Hartbreaker event (important you must select the event and not set up as a personal challenge)
  3. Raise £250 by Saturday 14th April 2015
  4. HH and CHSW will monitor the event's page
  5. On 14th April you will be contacted and you will be entered into the race of your choice (i.e. the 18 mile version!!)
  6. You will be able to collect your race numbers in the same manner as all the other runners!
  7. You then get to experience the Hartbreaker!!
Please don't stop at £250 - keep going until you raise as much money as you possibly can for our utterly gorgeous charity!
There is a prize for the person who raises the most cash!!

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